Meeting Unique Needs through Community Partners

We always say, we are all just one circumstance away from needing help. That’s why we’ve focused on a variety of basic living needs, in order to respond to the various ways individuals need a lift.

At our core will always be our hygiene programs, providing the pathway for all to care for their personal needs. Our expansion into more basic living essentials, from home goods to school supplies to shampoo, allows us to help individuals at a personal level.

A recent partnership that did just want was with the Giving Tree Food pantry that serves the students of Howard-Suamico School District. Here are a few comments from people helped through this partnership.

Diapers + Personal hygiene needs

“My family has lived on a small budget the past couple of years and the pandemic definitely hurt us. My husband’s job was essential but I had to quit my job to stay home with our 3 children due to schools not being in person 5 days a week and daycare not available.  We have been using a food pantry for staple foods but were also offered diapers and personal hygiene products.  I was so thankful to get diapers, this helps us put that money towards our rent.  We are trying very hard to pay our bills and know that we are blessed by people around us.  Thank you, Jake’s! Tracy

Summer toys

“This summer I was given a toy for each of my 4 kids from Jake’s Unplug and Play donation. My kids were so excited to receive a board game, Legos and basketball.  Our oldest wanted a basketball for his birthday so that worked out great. Our money has been tight, it was so nice to see my kids smile.  I am thankful that people donate and care about us.” —  Kim

More about the program

“The Giving Tree food pantry has always had difficulty getting diapers and feminine care products at a reasonable price, so partnering with Jake’s Network of Hope has been a blessing to us and the families we serve.  We are now able to offer diapers and period products to all of our families.  These are families who are struggling to get by and these items can be expensive and are needed on a day to day or month to month basis, so receiving them each month helps alleviate some financial burden.  We are truly grateful for the support of donors and organizations like Jake’s!” – Angela, The Giving Tree Food Pantry supervisor