53,250 Diapers to Babies in Green Bay

Wow! Since January of this year, 53,250 diapers have been distributed to babies in Green Bay.

Almost 8% of those receiving diapers are currently experiencing or recently experienced a medical crisis, including:

  • 8 month old with kidney disease and a cleft palate
  • chronic kidney disease
  • cancer
  • high-risk pregnancies
  • diabetes
  • seizures
  • temporary disabilities

4% of diaper recipients are active duty military members or veterans

Our community partner Family & Childcare Resources has also seen recipients who experienced situational poverty because of a house fire. Additionally, 8 recipients are refugees from Thailand and several more are experiencing homelessness. That’s not all. Working parents, both single and married who are struggling to make ends meet have received diapers.

The common thread among all our recipients is they are living in poverty and trying to work their way out. And they all appreciate the helping hand you have provided.

“Thank you for helping me out so much at this time. I am homeless. So I do appreciate the help very much!”

“Thank you! It (the diapers) helped while on maternity leave.”

“A large amount of debt from childbirth went to collections, so we’re trying to pay that down”

“Thank you so much! My boyfriend doesn’t have a job & I’ve had four surgeries in the last five months & so I haven’t been able to work as much. You are a lifesaver.”

We’re happy to help.