Money Well Spent: How Diapers Empower People Out of Poverty

Think about the places you spend money that could be spent elsewhere. How many of these purchase decisions do you have control over?

For parents, spending money on diapers is one expense that is simply a necessity – and it certainly adds up.

Jake’s Diapers operates the Eastern Wisconsin Diaper Bank to help individuals in our region overcome that expense. The EWDB leverages Diaper Drop partnerships with other organizations and Jake’s acts a diaper bank to provide both single-use and reusable items as culturally appropriate options to help the people these organizations serve, those struggling with poverty.

One example is our partnership with Family & Childcare Resources of Northeast Wisconsin. To raise awareness and offer resources, our organizations host regular Community Resource Events. From there, we’ve learned a lot from the feedback of those who’ve received diaper donations.

So, what can a family do when they no longer have to pay for diapers? Families told us the extra funds were allowing them to buy or save for the following:

  • Rent
  • Gas
  • Child’s future
  • Car
  • Living
  • Crib
  • House
  • Clothes

That’s the impact a diaper can make on a family. Your donation of just $9 supplies diaper need for a family for 2 weeks. Please consider a small donation today.