Pantry Closures, Reduced Resources Impact Oconto Residents

Jake’s Network of Hope partners with other 501c3 nonprofits, school-based and faith-based groups who directly serve vulnerable people in our communities. This means our work supports diverse community needs, from foster care to afterschool programs, family needs and domestic abuse shelters, refugee work, poverty support, health programs and more. These collaborations mean partners can re-allocate time and money to instead focusing on their programs, while meeting human needs in the community.

We want to highlight the many ways our partners are making a difference for those most vulnerable individuals, many of whom are neighbors, peers, co-workers or connected to us in unknown ways. Poverty is more commonplace than we often think, and financial strain can often be situational and temporary. Our work ensures every individual experiencing hardship can still have their basic needs cared for and feel a sense of self worth.
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The holiday season is an especially difficult time for individuals struggling financially, and we believe that no one should go without basic needs during this time – restoring a sense of self-worth during this should-be celebratory time.

For more than 70 years, Goodfellows of Clintonville has been working to ensure there is “No family without a Christmas in the Clintonville and Marion school districts.” 

The Goodfellows of Clintonville and Marion, through an Annual Holiday Distribution, provide food vouchers, winter coats, boots, blankets, personal care items, and toys for the children and families in need in their communities. 

The drive begins in early November, when volunteers begin collecting the names of potential recipients. Local churches, service organizations and businesses have contributed everything from toys, mittens and caps to blankets and comforters, with every item contributed, finding a good home.

Many of the same organizations have provided countless volunteer hours towards making the annual event a success by their assistance during distribution week.

In 2020, Goodfellows of Clintonville partnered with Jake’s Network of Hope to help stretch their dollars to get the items needed to support their families.

“I love that we can find many of the items our families need in one place. I love that the people that work at Jake’s have such an abundance of hope and compassion,” Mari Hintz, Goodfellows of Clintonville and Marion. 

Goodfellows of Clintonville utilizes Jake’s Hope Hub to purchase many of the basic toiletries items including; diapers and wipes for nearly 1,000 families with children in the home during the holiday season.

“Basic personal hygiene can go a long way to positive self image. That can only help families struggling to take a step forward,” Mari Hintz, Goodfellows of Clintonville and Marion. 

Donate today to provide personal hygiene and basic care needs to families during the holiday season. On our donation page, you can choose a category to ensure your gift goes towards projects aligned with your personal interests, mission or passion.