‘We Gotcha Girl’ Packing Party at Jake’s Warehouse

A lot of the work inside our warehouse is sorting and repackaging products to distribute to people in need. This helps us provide standardized packages so that our partners and the people they serve receive consistent quantities.

This might sound dry, but the work can actually be fun! Our volunteers can be caught “playing basketball” while sorting diapers into bins, singing along while repacking kits or genuinely laughing because they are having a good time.

In March, we hosted a unique packing party for our local Fox Community Credit Union’s We Gotcha Girl initiative, which provides kits of tampons and pads to local schools. The products are repackaged into discreet, cloth pencil bags so that girls can conceal the items while taking products they need during school.

Thanks to volunteers, 2,000 kits will be distributed to middle and high schools in Appleton to Green Bay and in between. Check out this photo gallery from the packing party, and thanks for supporting our programs!

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