puerto rico hurricane aftermath

2019 Year in Review: Tales from Puerto Rico Families in Need

Wow, what a year! Our awesome supporters really helped us make a splash in the lives of Puerto Rico families in need, facing adversity for a variety of reasons. There many people are still living in homes destroyed by Hurricane Maria more than 2 years ago, tarps the only protection where a roof once kept them dry.

We met some great individuals in Puerto Rico that your donations enabled us to help, including: 

We were also ecstatic to partner with two of our Business Buddy supporters on creating exclusive cloth diaper lines to benefit families in Puerto Rico:

One of the biggest hurdles for us to help people in Puerto Rico is the shipping cost. Even when we have a product, it’s harder to get it to these families in need than other places in the world that we serve.

Thanks for making our 2019 impactful. We look forward to continuing to make a difference in Puerto Rico in 2020 and beyond.

About Our Efforts in Puerto Rico: Jake’s Diapers is on a mission to ensure every person in Puerto Rico who relies on the support of diapers or period products has access to these hygiene essentials. Through a trusted network of local Puerto Rican community based organizations, Jake’s Diapers is solving hygiene needs in culturally appropriate ways with an emphasis on reusable items. We currently have 11 diaper drops in Puerto Rico, and that list is continually growing.

Make your impact today! A donation of $16 solves diaper need for moms and babies like the ones in our story