ReHace: Rebuilding Communities with Hope

It is a joy to share with you the following letter, from one of our Diaper Drop partners, ReHace (Rebuilding Communities with Hope), a community outreach program of the Methodist Church of Puerto Rico. Through your generous support, we’ve been providing ReHace with cloth diapers for persons of all ages.

Dear Stephanie:

May the peace of our source of hope, Jesus Christ, be with you.

The Spaniard author Saint John of the Cross, in his work The Dark Night of the Soul tell us about the adversities human beings and institutions face in our walk-through life. Puerto Rico and The Methodist Church of Puerto Rico have lived “the dark night of the soul”, but on this dark moment, you have been light that enlightened our lives.

I wish to express our deepest gratitude for your diapers donation. Your offering has helped us alleviate the need of families and support the Ministries and Mission of our Methodist Church of Puerto Rico and the REHACE project. Hurricane María destroyed most part of our Island but she could not destroy our passion to serve and love the ones in need. Your help represents a gift from heaven that humbly and gratefully we receive.

Six (6) months have passed and most Puerto Ricans are still suffering precarious needs and living under tough conditions, lacking electricity and running water. To bring some relief, we have been visiting affected communities distributing non-perishable food and water, food vouchers, first aid kits including cleaning buckets, hygiene kits, women kits, mosquito repellents, solar lights, radios, batteries, among many other articles. We have also served over 30,000 hot meals. We have provided spiritual support for distributing Upper Rooms daily devotionals. Knowing the importance of medical assistance, we established 7 health clinics in local churches and provided nurses and physicians home visits.

We are part of the solution that our people cry for and need. We are very aware that our efforts are “as small as a mustard seed” if seen against the complex and difficult reality that our people are living.  But as Jesus’ parable suggests, our faith is like the mustard seed that Christ, the Lord, Crucified and Resurrected will grow and will bear fruits of justice, hope, love, redemption, and Grace.

With our deepest gratitude,

Rev. Hector Ortiz Vidol


We are so proud and thankful to partner with Rev. Hector and many others around the world who help families every single day. If you feel compelled to help Hurricane Maria victims, please visit our donation page here.