Sweet Priya

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate motherhood and recognize the mother figures in our lives. We’re excited to be participating in GlobalGiving’s Mother’s Day Campaign. It’s an amazing opportunity where GlobalGiving is matching all new, recurring donations of any size at 100%. This is a great way to honor a mother in your life while helping an orphaned child with the basic need of diapers.

At our Diaper Drop in India, the 163 children we serve have wonderful foster mothers and caregivers loving them as they wait for forever families. And thanks to you, a supply of cloth diapers to keep them clean, dry, and healthy.

Priya is the head nurse and a beacon of light for both foster moms and children. Brittany, one of the foster moms, recently shared these kind words about her:

“Priya is literally one of the sweetest souls that I have ever had the privilege to know. Officially she is our head nurse but in reality, she is so much more. Priya is the tender heartbeat behind our nursing care at Sarah’s Covenant Homes. She’s the gentle touch to a weary soul. She is appointment-making phone calls. Billing department e-mails. Medication orders. Huggie quotes. She’s 1 AM emergency room visits. Middle of the night pharmacy runs. She’s an advocate for children. Staff. Foreign volunteers. She’s grace in the face of injustice. Mercy in the midst of cruelty. Calm in the eye of my storm. Priya is all the good, kind, and soft parts of me that have been jaded and stripped away. The perfect optimistic yang to my world-weary yin.

Priya has been with SCH for 4 years. She knows not only every child’s name but their stories, their hearts. She’s the face they seek during hospital admissions because it means they’re coming home. For some, she’s the first person from SCH they ever met. She’s the one who holds their hands during scary doctors’ visits. Who wipes their tears after painful injections. Priya Akka (sister) is a name on every child’s lips. Priya is the angel who admitted me not once, but twice during my time in India. Who came to the hospital to check on me even though she didn’t have to. Who yelled (I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t heard it myself) at hospital staff when my complaints of pain were ignored.

Thank you, Priya, for loving me and these children well beyond your job description! For being a light in the darkness. For anchoring me when the chaos of this life threatens to wash me away.”

Thank you for the joy you bring, through diapers. This Mother’s Day, would you prayerfully consider becoming a monthly sponsor, at any amount? Your impact will then be amplified by GlobalGiving, thus enabling more children to receive an ample supply of diapers.

It is an honor to partner with you in making the world a better place.