A Literal Happy Dance

This past Sunday, a mission team arrived at our Diaper Drop partner, Sarah’s Covenant Homes (SCH), in Hyderabad, India. With them, they brought 6 suitcases full of cloth diapers, made possible by you! In these six suitcases were 257 cloth diapers. Most of the diapers were specially-made for older children and young adults.

Nikki, one of the house moms, shared the following with me:

“One of the caregivers did a literal happy dance when I showed her the cloth diapers, as we have kids who were getting too big for the smaller diapers, but we didn’t have enough of the larger ones. Every time she tried to squeeze them into a smaller one she’d come find me and remind me that she needed new big diapers, so she was very happy! “

The gift of diapers truly makes a huge difference for both children and ayah’s (caregivers). Not only do modern cloth diapers save precious financial resources, but also basic sanitation and hygiene is improved for the children (plus the environmental benefits too!).

More than 150 babies, children, and young adults call Sarah’s Covenant Homes home. Isaiah is one of these wonderful children. He’s five years old, and was given his name which means “God delivers” because he was starting a new chapter in his life when he arrived at SCH. Prior to SCH, Isaiah spent many days simply laying on the ground on his back with very little stimulation. Though he has been neglected in his past, Isaiah is often found with a hopeful smile on his face. He has adjusted well to life at SCH with his foster brothers, and he lives with both cerebral palsy and some cognitive challenges.

As you can see by the picture, his joyous personality is starting to shine! He has loving teachers and ayah’s (caregivers) who are helping him live life to his full potential.

Thanks for helping Isaiah and other children just like him!

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