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Donations Headed to Afghan Refugees in Wisconsin

With more than 8,000 Afghan refugees at Wisconsin’s Fort McCoy, there is high demand for many basic needs items to support those individuals who fled the Taliban takeover of Kabul.

Due to the nature of these evacuations, the individuals arrived with little to no additional possessions. There are some reports that the refugees are facing food and supply shortages, as more refugees than initially expected arrived through the base. This is where you come in.

“If the refugees get dirty and need to wash, that’s all they have. They don’t have any more clothes to put on,” one refugee told WOAW.

At Jake’s, we have many of the high-demand basic needs items requested to help these refugees, from clothing to coats and more. Typically, nonprofit partners would pay a sharing fee for these items. Sharing fees provide revenue to support our operations and other programs, including our core hygiene programs for diapers, period products and incontinence supplies – always offered at no cost.

Jake’s instead is donating these goods at no cost to the refugees in need. 

We are working with our partners at the Waushara County Food Pantry in order to deliver a shipment of goods, which will be redistributed to refugees from the Fort McCoy location.

These items include:

  • 2736 Toothpaste (sharing fee value $1368) 
  • 3888 Deodorant (sharing fee value $1944) 
  • 1680 Shampoo (sharing fee value $840) 
  • 864 Water Bottles (sharing fee value $1680) 
  • 49,152 Menstrual Liners (non sharing fee item – core hygiene program) 
  • 6,400 Menstural Pads (non sharing fee item – core hygiene program) 
  • 931 Blankets (sharing fee value $7448) 
  • 120 Pillows (sharing fee value $120) 
  • 100 Towels (sharing fee value $50) 
  • 650 Backpacks (sharing fee value $3250)

The total of these goods has a sharing fee value of more than $15,000. We are asking for your support to cover the cost of these donated goods.

Your donation helps get much-needed goods into the hands of people in need. Please consider a small gift today.