Beautiful Bums: Lighthouse Kids Emphasizes Cloth Diaper Designs + Eco-Friendly Approach

There is a lot of beauty in the work we do. Watching the impact a diaper donation can have and how it empowers these families to take steps out of poverty is amazing.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and one of our business partners has another way of showing it.

Lighthouse Kids Company is a cloth diaper company who started donating to Jake’s Diapers in 2018. Owner Vanessa is an artist by trade with a BFA in painting and photography and a love for eco products  … so naturally, her company focuses on hand designed cloth diaper prints made from all natural products.

“Design is huge for me,” she said. “I either hand draw the print or hand make the fabric. We wanted (cloth diapering) to be super easy and something that is beautiful to wear – something that is more fashion forward.”

Vanessa said Jake’s Diapers had been a customer for some time, but she decided to give back because she cared about the mission. The company is committed to growing its impact in 2019, with a focus on reducing its waste by nearly 50% through eco friendly products and compostable packaging as well as this focus on charitable opportunities.

“In 2018, we started donating some diapers and we really believed in (Jake’s) mission and what they were doing,” Vanessa said.

About this feature: We regularly share stories from our business partners in this Business Buddy Spotlight to highlight the great ways other organizations are doing good work alongside us. We appreciate our community partners and have a larger impact because of them. Is your organization interested in helping out? Contact Katie at [email protected].