baby bottom with cloth diaper

Cloth Diapers to the Rescue! Kanga Care’s Inspiration to Launch and Help Jake’s

For many families around the world, cloth diapers fill an important need in caring for their babies. Not only are cloth an economical choice, but they also come in handy for health and other reasons.

This is the heart of the birth story for The Rumparooz cloth diaper brand by Kanga Care. In 2006, Chad and Julie welcomed a daughter, Autumn, and quickly learned that she was highly sensitive to disposable diapers, unable to wear them even for a few hours.

So, cloth diaper was their saving grace. Yet, despite lengthy research and sampling of many different brands of cloth diapers, the family could not find a cloth diaper that had both the fit and function that they liked. Julie started brainstorming, problem-solving and inventing leak prevention technology in her own ideas for diaper patterns.

What started as a hand-sewn product from a kitchen table quickly became a brand known and sold worldwide. Now, Kanga Care is happy to match their reach with our mission, giving diapers to babies across the globe via Jake’s Diapers.

Cloth diapers are at the core of Kanga Care’s mission to provide families with high-quality and modern products to help with ease of use for all parents. When the Kanga Care team saw the need Jake’s Diapers was trying to fill, they couldn’t help but want to give to an organization who was providing cloth diapers to those in need all over the world.

Kanga Care supports our mission in many ways:

  • Returned diapers go to good use: Kanga Care send returned products, which are still 100% functional and can be used to their full potential, to Jake’s Diapers quarterly.
  • Empty shelves get filled: When Jake’s Diapers runs out of product and has an empty shelf alert, we notify our customers and many purchase through our site; we ship these orders to Jake’s Diapers.
  • Donations from across the country: Kanga Care is headquartered in Golden, CO, which acts as a drop site for donations to Jake Diapers. The company collects items and ships them to Jake’s Diapers to be distributed as needed. 

Jake’s and Kanga Care have also partnered for awareness campaigns, recognizing events like International Women’s Day to seek donations and help women around the world.

Kanga Care is passionate about cloth diapers not only because it has personally helped owners and creators Chad and Julie’s little ones, but they see the impact that the option has on families across the globe. Many may also cloth diaper for the health of their children, but cloth diapers are also beneficial financially and environmentally.

About this feature: We regularly share stories from our business partners in this Business Buddy Spotlight to highlight the great ways other organizations are doing good work alongside us. We appreciate these community partners and have a larger impact because of them. Is your organization interested in helping out? Contact Katie at [email protected]