Oh, the Places We Go: AppleCheeks Partnership Serves Babies Around the World

It started as an eco-friendly option for parents to cover cheeks with their products, and now AppleCheeks cloth diapers cover bums around the world.

In Villa Esperanza, Puerto Rico, a young couple welcomed a baby born just after Hurricane Maria. The storm destroyed nearly all of the homes in their community, so the family lived in a simple shack: four walls, a blue tarp roof, and a sheet over the door. Jake’s Diapers distributed donations to this family and others in similar despair.

In Uganda, nestled near the source of the River Nile in a city called Jinja, children like Sarah, whose mother passed away after giving birth, and whose father was unable to care for her – now call the Amani Baby Cottage home. This is one of our Diaper Drop partners, and so AppleCheeks cloth supports the organization in caring for these young lives.

In the United States, a family was forced to evacuate their home in North Carolina with Hurricane Florence around the corner.

“When we evacuated, we could only bring what would fit in my van and my husband’s car,” she said. “Clothing, memories, toys, etc. — and those decisions had to be made within a couple of hours, it wasn’t something that we could plan.  … I brought the newborn clothes for the baby, but left our special needs sized fluff and one size fluff because there was no room.”

This mom and her family used Jake’s Diapers Individual Aid cloth diaper loan program to make it through those difficult months.

It’s because of partnerships like that of ours with AppleCheeks, a cloth diaper manufacturer, that we continue to have enough product to share with these individuals. AppleCheeks manufactures high quality, made-in-Canada cloth diapers, swim diapers, UV swim shirts, reusable snack bags and other eco-friendly products for families. 

“We believe that parents are doing the very best they can and we want to support them in their journeys to lead a more eco-friendly life, wherever possible,” said Amy, owner at AppleCheeks. “I have used cloth diapers on all four of my kids right from the beginning.  That worked for me. But I also know that some parents use cloth diapers part of the time or our lovely swim diapers only and we support this and all efforts to do well, no matter what.”

Amy said connecting with Jake’s Diapers was a natural fit for their company.

“To support such an amazing organization who supports young families in need – what could be better?!” she said.” We believe strongly in community support, whether locally or more broadly and we love to pitch in where we can.”

About this feature: We regularly share stories from our business partners in this Business Buddy Spotlight to highlight the great ways other organizations are doing good work alongside us. We appreciate these community partners and have a larger impact because of them. Is your organization interested in helping out? Contact Katie at [email protected]

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