Avocado Print Serves Puerto Rican Families in Need

We know by now that avocados are good for our health, but this year we found out they’re good for Jake’s Diapers, too!

Our long-time business buddy, Nicki’s Diapers, launched an exclusive line in early 2019 with sales directly benefiting Jake’s Diapers efforts in Puerto Rico.

“Puerto Rico has had a lot of hardship recently and many need help,” Nicki’s Diapers Owner/CEO Nicki Maynard said. “We help as many as possible that are in need. Cloth diapers are easy to use and can save you so much money.”

The Avolove line featured an avocado design, which Nicki said, “was perfect for Puerto Rico as it is bright and vibrant just like Puerto Rico!” After the launch in February, Nicki’s has sold the entire amount produced and donated the match to Jake’s.

She often gives back through her company and works alongside nonprofits already doing good work to maximize impact.

“It is a collaborative effort,” she said. “We talk to the organization about what makes their mission special as well as what is meaningful to them.  We then find a print that matches this feeling. Jake’s Diapers does so much for so many! They truly are a life-changing organization with the biggest hearts.”

We are so thankful to Nicki’s Diapers and all the shoppers who shared the love. You still have a chance to make an impact in Puerto Rico! A donation of $18 solves diaper need for moms and babies for one month.