Poca a Poca, Puerto Rico is Rebuilding. Thank You For Helping Jesulis.

Wow. We can hardly believe we are approaching one year since Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricanes Irma & Maria. Poco a poco (little by little), Puerto Rico is rebuilding, thanks to you. It is you that has made a lasting impact on the life of Jesulis and other women just like her who lost their homes and more in the storm.

Starting today, we have an amazing opportunity to help even more women & girls: GlobalGiving’s Disaster Recovery Network is matching donations

Period products may not be the first thing that comes to mind when disaster strikes, and disaster relief programs along with federal safety net programs don’t cover the cost of period products. That’s not all, period products are also taxable, making them even more costly.

With your support, we began providing reusable period product kits. These kits each contain 10 cloth pads and a discreet bag to carry them in. We chose reusable cloth pads because of environmental benefits as well as logistics. A reusable supply solves period poverty.

An unanticipated bonus is one way our cloth products have helped those struggling with health issues related to the use of disposables.

Jesulis was one of the first women we distributed a cloth pad kit, back in January. When I saw her again a few months later, she made sure to tell me how much better the cloth products were for her. It was a night and day difference for her, and she was so appreciative.

“Many have become allergic to the chemical disposable products have, and cloth helps them tremendously, ” said Loraine, a Puerto Rico mom who helps distribute donations from Jake’s Diapers.

Even if not allergic, period products are an often overlooked necessity that people living in poverty struggle to afford.

In Puerto Rico, for example, where the poverty rate is an astonishing 43.5% according to United States Census Bureau data, many households struggle to afford basic needs. Period products cannot be obtained with SNAP or WIC benefits, and many people simply do not think of the need when making in-kind donations to local organizations.

Thank you for support Jake’s Diapers so we can provide cloth period products to support the people unable to either use or afford disposable products – and allow them to enjoy a clean, healthy and active life.

P.S. All donations are matched at 100% starting today!