Change For Charlie

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, February is sure to be one of those heart-filled month as we keep in mind all the people we love.

Of course, this includes family. What’s up for debate is how we define family, certainly something that is different for each individual.

For example, consider those living in long-term care at Sarah’s Covenant Homes in India. Sarah’s Covenant Homes is a nonprofit childcare organization that is actively responding to and preventing the abandonment of children with disabilities in India, either reconnecting them to their biological families or with adoptive families.

Unfortunately, not all find a home to call their own.

SCH openly commits itself to caring for these individuals through its long-term care program, vowing to “love our children and young adults for each day of their lives, to the best our ability, as they completely deserve,” as it says on its website.

This includes boys like Charlie, a 14-year-old with ADHD and a developmental delay who arrived at SCH in September 2011.

“Charlie is a rambunctious boy who loves giving hugs and greeting visitors that come through the gates at SCH,” his profile says. “He loves to solve puzzles and does well in school.”

SCH says it helps those in long-term care in the pursuit of their dreams. Among opportunities, these individuals are offered vocational opportunities where they are able to make jewelry, crafts and handmade goods. SCH then partners with businesses locally and internationally to sell these items, which brings revenue to help offset operation costs.

Charlie is a resident at the Victory Home where they make envelopes and package spices to be able to sell as a sustainability project. This is just one of many great projects and homes that are a part of SCH.

SCH has seven homes spread throughout two cities: Ongole and Hyderabad and cares for more than 130 children and young adults. SCH is also a Diaper Drop partner with Jake’s Diapers.

Give a little love this month to kids like Charlie, become a monthly donor and support their ongoing life at SCH.