Community and Unity: Alexis P. Suter Raises Money for Hurricane Relief

Alexis P. Suter is famously known for her Blues music. She’s worked closely with the late musician Levon Helm and shared the stage with many other famous musicians including B.B. King, Bo Diddley and Emmylou Harris. Suter credits her parents and schooling with instilling a love of music in her that has stayed with her through adulthood.

However, besides for music, her family created a foundation that as she phrased it was built on “community and unity.” It is this “community and unity” that more than likely led her to want to help with the greater world.

When Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, Alexis stated she “couldn’t sleep. I was up all hours of the night. I needed to do something.”
Alexis explained that she thought about all of the babies and the women with feminine needs that would not have access to basic necessities. Alexis wanted to do something where any money raised was going directly to victims of this devastating hurricane.

As Alexis stated, “I wanted to see action behind just words.” As a result, together with her attorney, she put together the benefit concert “Only Love is Real.” The concert featured several famous musical acts with proceeds going to benefit the victims of Hurricane Maria.

As they raised money, Alexis was unsure exactly as to where to relocate the proceeds. She was intent on making sure the victims received the benefits they needed. That’s when she found Global Giving and Jake’s Diapers. Global Giving was the outlet that provided them with the
exact organization—Jake’s Diapers—that they wanted to donate to.

To date, Alexis has raised over $8,000.00 and incredibly, people are still donating. Alexis said she “practices rules of love” and that could not be any more evident with what she has done and is doing for the people of Puerto Rico.

Stephanie Bowers, Executive Director of Jake’s Diapers, had nothing but glowing things to say about Alexis.

“Alexis is amazing,” said Bowers, “and because of her efforts we were able to send a team to Puerto Rico to distribute kits directly to the people. Her generosity and kindness have already impacted countless people.”

Puerto Rico is still recovering from Hurricane Maria and can continue to use help. If you’d like to start your own fundraiser, like Alexis, to benefit Puerto Rico relief, go here.

If you have any additional questions on what you can do, please don’t hesitate to contact Stephanie at [email protected].