Diaper Drop: Harriet’s Day Care Center, Tanzania

Jake’s Diapers is excited to introduce our Diaper Drop in collaboration with Harriet’s Day Care Center in Tanzania! Harriet’s Day Care Center is a very special center, for very special children, in memory of a very special girl, Harriet.

Harriet’s Day Care is a special center for children with disabilities. It was created in memorial of a young Norwegian student named Harriet who tragically passed away during a visit to Tanzania. Currently they have three young girls, all of whom suffer from cerebral palsy. Aisha, Mwanshasha, and Agnes all come from the poorest villages in the community. They attend the Day Care from Monday until Friday and are provided with love and care from two dedicated Matrons – Maimuna and Julieth. They do occupational therapy and massage with the girls in order to keep their limbs limber and flexible. We are also developing new programs in order to help the girls with speech therapy and hopefully eventually potty training. All of the Centre’s costs are paid for by individual donors in Norway which means constant fundraising and ensuring that the Centre’s needs are covered. One of their biggest issues has been diapers. Disposable diapers are very expensive in Tanga which makes them unsustainable both economically as well as environmentally. This issue becomes especially pronounced in the case of the older girls, such as Agnes. Agnes has now reached a height and weight where the children’s disposable diapers do not fit her comfortably. When they looked into purchasing her adult diapers they found that the cost was much too great for them to bear, which led to looking for a better and more sustainable solution for all!

We here at Jake’s Diapers are seeking cloth diaper sponsorship of $100 for each of these children. This will enable us to have custom made, appropriately sized cloth diapers made for these precious girls. Your generosity in providing full or partial sponsorship for these girls will have a positive impact on their quality of life for years to come. Did you know that $100 provides about 35 days worth of disposable diapers for a baby here in the United States? To sponsor a child, please

To sponsor a child, please click here and write the name of the child you wish to sponsor in your donation comments. All donations are tax-deductible.  If you would like to sponsor a child in honor of someone, please e-mail us the name & address of the person you are honoring. This enables us to send them a personalized note of your generosity on your behalf (you can remain anonymous if you choose).




Aisha is four years old. When she first came to the Day Care, she couldn’t sit, stand, talk, eat or drink. Three months later she can sit by herself, she can stand with support and she is able to say a few words. She also understands if you ask her to look for different things. Aisha lives with her grandmother who works as a teacher. She is lucky because she gets good follow up while she’s at home, although the family doesn’t have much money. Aisha is a very happy, charming, energetic girl and she is always seeking contact with people around her.





Mwansasha is eight years old. She is trying to say simple words, so it is hopeful her language will continue to develop. She is able to receive messages and make corrections when asked. Mwansasha is especially happy when sitting in the laps of people and she is very trusting of others. She always has a nice big smile on her face. Mwansasha lives with her mother.






Agnes is fourteen years old. She can stand if someone is holding her hands and stretching out her legs and feet. Agnes is also able to play on her own. She especially likes to pick up blocks and put them in a basket. This shows that she likes organizing. Each block has its special place. Agnes has become more patient and is able to receive messages and make corrections. She lives with her aunt, the mother is not present in the home. When Agnes is hungry, she lets her caregivers know by stretching out her hand.