Drop 7: Real Hope for Haiti

Survival mode.

That’s how most people in the area that Real Hope for Haiti serves life, said Licia Betor of the organization.

“Each day they are trying to figure out how to eat,” she said. “We serve a large area that is very rural. Most people eat once a day. Sometimes every other day. They are mostly farmers. They farm all the land by hand and it is hard work.”

Real Hope for Haiti is a Christian organization located in Cazale, Haiti. Most of the areas’ families live in homes made of sticks and mud or clay, or rocks and clay, Licia said. Some in bigger villages have homes made of cinder block and cement. There are no flushing toilets, and people walk to water sources that they then carry back to their homes.

Real Hope for Haiti serves its community through its medical clinic, cholera hospital, sponsorship programs, and an inpatient center to treat malnourished children.

Real Hope’s medical clinic is open for consults 10 hours a day, from Tuesday through Friday. They are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year for emergencies, for patients needing the cholera hospital and for the inpatient malnutrition center. Real Hope is also one of Jake’s Diapers Diaper Drop partners, relying on the cloth donations to help in the care of its malnourished children.

“We use the diapers in our inpatient care facility with the children,” Licia said. “It has been helpful to the nannies to have diapers that they like. They do not have to search for diaper pens and they love the snaps.”

Use of donated cloth diapers also helps manage the spread of disease, Licia said. Many kids suffer from diarrhea and the diapers help to contain the problem.

About Our Diaper Drop Partners
Real Hope for Haiti is just one of our partners featured in our 12 Drops of Christmas series. Jake’s Diapers aims to shed light on the stories of the people we serve to increase awareness about the impact a donation of hygiene products can have on a single individual.

Make your impact today! A donation of $16 solves diaper need for moms and babies like the ones in our story.