The Fluff 500: Cloth Diapers for the Rescue Center

Small change, big impact! Welcome to the Fluff 500! 

Here at Jake’s Diapers, we serve babies around the world in devastatingly difficult situations, where sometimes one must choose between food & diapers. The Rescue Center at Real Hope for Haiti is one of our Diaper Drops, a partner agency that we donate diapers to at no cost. By providing diapers, Real Hope for Haiti is able to focus on other basic living expenses and focus on solutions for challenges including malnutrition and starvation.

Nicki’s Diapers, one of our amazingly generous supporters, has agreed to donate 500 cloth diapers, and we’re raising funds for 500 more, completely solving diaper need for these babies! But that’s not all. Our fundraising partner GlobalGiving is matching monetary donations through their Little by Little Campaign, and every donation matters. Through small change, we’re making a big impact.

The Goal: 500 donors, making donations of just $10 (or more!), in 5 days, to purchase 500 cloth diapers to solve diaper need at the Rescue Center at Real Hope for Haiti.

The Rescue Center has upwards of 75 babies receiving inpatient care as they recover from malnutrition, starvation, and other medical challenges.

The goal of this fundraising campaign is to raise funds to purchase 500 diapers, in green and yellow, to continue implementing a color-coded diapering system. (Our first project in this series, Project Tiny Blue Diapers, has been launched and fully funded!).

The impact of diapers is far reaching. For the nannies, quality cloth diapers mean less time doing laundry and cleaning. Wait… less laundry? Yes! Less leaks and having 100% diaper coverage (diapers 100% of the time) means less mess! And the color coding… well, when you have 75 babies in diapers, of various sizes, you need an easy way to know which size diaper is which! So, blues are the tiniest, then green, then yellow!

Together, let’s solve diaper need and close the diaper gap! Link to the campaign will be revealed at 8 am on April 3rd, when the donation matching begins. Mark you calendars and join our Facebook event here!


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