Helping Jamesley


The diapers have landed! Thank you for providing Tiny Blue Diapers for the Rescue Center at Real Hope for Haiti. We recently sent a team to visit, and they were able to hand deliver the diapers!

Jamesley is one of the many children who has been blessed by your generosity. He’s 9 months old and came to the clinic with severe malnourishment. He lives with both of his parents and two older siblings. Their home is a one-room house made of clay, rocks, and tin. They have an outhouse but no running water. They must walk to their nearest water source and carry buckets of water home for cooking and drinking. His father is a mechanic, and his mother buys and sells goods at the market. They don’t have a garden to help provide food for the family.

His mother reported that Jamesley has never been treated for malnutrition and that he has had some vaccines. He hasn’t had any fever or vomiting but has had some coughing and mild diarrhea. They traveled two hours to get to Real Hope for Haiti, and Jamesley arrived with swelling in his feet and legs from severe malnutrition.

He’s on the road to recovery now, and thanks to you have an adequate diaper supply. By having his diaper needs met, the nannies are able to focus on his recovery.

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