Helping Neenah Seniors Live Their Best Lives

Providing quality choices for senior living – this is the mission of Valley VNA.  The Senior Care organization has been serving families in the Fox Valley for 114 years as of 2022. Throughout the years, Valley VNA maintained its commitment to the health and happiness of older adults in our community and their families. 

One aspect of health that is a continuous obstacle for some seniors to stay engaged in the activities they love is access to incontinent products. That’s where a partnership with Jake’s Network of Hope. 

Jake’s Network of Hope and Valley VNA have partnered to ensure that all of their residents and individuals never have to worry about having the basic hygiene and care products they need. 

“All our residents are blessed with the generous donation of incontinent products from Jake’s Hope Network. Not only do individuals benefit from the ease on their finances, but it makes life easier on their children who now do not have to purchase and deliver the products,” stated Kristi Branchford, Valley VNA Senior Living Advisor.

Valley VNA Senior Care is a Neenah, WI, based complete senior care facility whose mission is to provide quality choices for senior living while also working to be the provider of choice for in-home care, independent and assisted living. 

Jake’s Network of Hope is proud to provide partners with diapers, period products, and adult care essentials to partners at no cost, as this helps our partners spend their money on other needs to further their missions. 

“We also have been able to purchase items for our residents at a very reduced price,” Branchford said, speaking of Jake’s My Neighbor project. “This helps us to be able to stretch our budget and supply more items from lounge decor to game prizes. Jake Hope Network is a blessing to Valley VNA.” 

Our partner agencies are the “boots on the ground” and Jake’s acts as the basic needs provider. Our goal is to support you in the amazing, uplifting work that you do through a collaborative partnership. We distribute diapers, period products, and adult care essentials to partners at no cost, and only ask for nominal sharing fees to assist with other basic needs and daily living essentials available through our My Neighbor Wisconsin program.

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