The Last Straw: Why Quality Incontinence Care Matters

Life has changed in countless ways over the last two years. While incontinence issues in people younger than 50 aren’t new, Adam Greenberg, CEO of NorthShore Care Supply, says one thing that is new is the number of people in that age group reaching out to the company for help. 

“The last straw was having to buy a new mattress every once and a while, and couches,” said Donna, a caregiver to her 29-year-old son Danny, who is incontinent. “It was uncomfortable going to other people’s homes or even to public restaurants. That was when we got frustrated – because we needed something higher quality, better sizes.” 

Adam long ago identified a need for a better incontinence product, when his dad was in his final stages of brain cancer and losing control of his bladder. That’s why NorthShore exists, with an ever present mission to create a product that feels good and works great. 

“Even if you’re 50 or 60 (with incontinence), you feel like you’re 80 or 90 because you’re dealing with this problem. This stigma makes them feel like it’s somehow their fault that they’re dealing with this at whatever age, and it makes them feel ashamed.” 

Adam Greenberg,CEO of NorthShore Care Supply

Many people using incontinence products are considered “high-risk” and not willing to return to pre-pandemic lifestyle. Plus, disruptions in the supply chain have created some challenges to purchasing products this year, Adam said, including increasing prices for supplies to make the products. This sometimes means people who would normally wait for sales now need to buy just whenever they see it on the shelves – at a higher cost.

NorthShore expanded its warehouse in 2020 for additional storage for supply and product in order to handle surges in the marketplace like this. We are grateful to the company for its in-kind support of Jake’s Adult Care Essentials (ACE) program. This year, NorthShore donated nearly 5,000 products at no cost for the program. 

“When I think of NorthShore … I think of my family comes first, they have great products and I will never be disappointed. They are my Guardian Angel,” says Donna, a caregiver to her son Danny, in this video featuring NorthShore Care Supply.

We are thankful to be able to provide quality like this to people in need. From January through October this year, we’ve supplied 91,608 incontinence products to 3,986 people through ACE.

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