Providing Older Adults with the Incontinence Supplies to Feel Confident

ADVOCAP is a Fond du Lac-based 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to create opportunities for people and communities to reduce poverty and increase self-sufficiency. ADVOCAP vision is that all low-income and disadvantaged people in our service area will have the opportunities, assets and tools necessary to obtain the basic necessities of a healthy and dignified life.

One of the programs ADVOCAP offers is meal deliveries for low income homes. Oftentimes older adults eligible for meals are also in need of other personal hygiene items and this is where Jake’s Network of Hope and ADVOCAP were able to partner. Jake’s has been able to supply ADVOCAP with the incontinence needs their clients need. 

“Our seniors feel that with asking for their incontinence products they feel more secure not having to ration when they need to use them.  A lot of the seniors can’t afford what they need with how many they go through a day, so this is a huge help to them to call and get these sent to them with their meals we supply them with,” stated Amanda Wiechman, ADVOCAP’s Outreach Specialist. 

One in three adults are dealing with some form of bladder control issues today, and two in three people will have incontinence during their lifetimes. By providing incontinence products to older adults in a discret, accessible way for them, we hope they feel more confident and a higher sense of self-worth in their daily lives. 

“We greatly appreciate the partnership we have with Jake’s Network of Hope,” said Wiechman.