Hurricane Irma Flooding at our Diaper Drops In Haiti

Hurricane Irma is one of the strongest storms ever measured in the Atlantic, with a wide path of devastation and impact throughout the Caribbean and Florida.

On Thursday, September 7, Hurricane Irma passed to the north of Haiti. Heavy rains fell, and our Diaper Drop at Real Hope for Haiti experienced overnight flooding. When the waters started rising, they came into the lower level of the Rescue Center, where the ICU is located. Children, including those critically ill and on oxygen, were moved upstairs to a small space to avoid the flooding.

Lower Level Flooding


Another view of flooding, up to knee deep in the clinic compound

Thankfully damage was limited to the water system being washed away and heavy mud deposits. All children are safe, and the cleanup process began Friday morning. It was much more than a mop and bucket could handle, and many people gathered to help remove the mud with buckets and shovels.

Hanging laundry to dry

Hurricane Irma reminded us how important the basic need of diapers is. In a crisis situation, children are the most vulnerable. We have been working diligently to provide Real Hope for Haiti with an ample supply of cloth diapers (and disposable for the ICU, for communicable disease minimization). It is imperitive that we be as prepared as we can in the event of disaster. From a diapering perspective, this means a 2 day supply of cloth diapers for all children, as well as a 2 day supply of disposable diapers for all children. When hurricanes and extended periods of rain occur, cloth diapers do not dry. This is why there is a need for a 2 day emergency supply of disposable diapers.

We are preparing a supply shipment within the next few weeks, of items not readily available in Haiti.

If you feel called to help through us, here are two tax-deductible donation options:

Supplies: (Thank you Nicki’s Diapers for your amazing support!)

Haiti Diaper Fund:

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