Hurricane Maria Update: Villa Esperanza

It is an amazing thing you have done. Thanks to your generous support, the children of Villa Esperanza have cloth diapers. The day we distributed the diaper kits was one I will never forget. The people we met were so loving, so caring, and so appreciative. They’ve lost so much, yet hope shines in their eyes.

Sarah led us through the village, introducing us to families. We met a young couple with a baby born just after Maria. Their home was a simple shack: four walls, a blue tarp roof, and a sheet over the door. The remnants of their home, and many others, piled by the dirt road, in hopes someday it could be hauled away. Shack by shack we went, the stories of survival and hope. When Maria came, the whole village took shelter in a nearby cement school. For three days, they were there; praying for survival.

After the storm, they returned home to find their homes destroyed. Already living in extreme poverty, they are doing the best they can: piece by piece, they are rebuilding. Now, with the diapering needs met, they have one less worry. Their children are now cleaner, drier, and healthier, thanks to you.

Poco a poco (little by little), we are working towards our goal of ensuring every person in Puerto Rico who depends on diapers has access to them. With Villa Esperanza’s diapering needs met, we’re now focusing on elders in Humacao who also need our help. Nothing is impossible, and poco a poco Puerto Rico se levante! (Puerto Rico will rise!)