Jake’s Stocks Little Free Hygiene Library in De Pere

Nationally, 14% of college students struggled with affording period products. The inability to afford period products is tied with that individual’s mental health: studies show that those who’ve struggled with period products in the past year are more likely to be depressed.

The Mulva Library at St. Norbert’s College has partnered with Jake’s Network of Hope to stock its “Little Free Hygiene Library” with period supplies, to ensure all students on campus have access to menstruation products. 

“Donated period supplies will be stocked in the Mulva Library’s “Little Free Hygiene Library” for users to access 24 hours, 7 days a week at no cost and no qualifying factor,” said Jasmine Gordon, Community Engagement Specialist at the Mulva Library. “After surveying students on our campus, we have actualized the immense impact of food insecurity and therefore, can envision the demand for period products and other general hygiene related products. To ensure dignity of users, period products will be available in a private, unmonitored area.” 

The Mulva Library is the campus’s hub and haven for not only the St. Norbert College community, but also the surrounding public. It is a space where all are welcome.

“In conjunction with the overarching mission of the institution as a whole, the Mulva Library’s mission is to offer a space where people and ideas converge and spark the creation of new knowledge,” Gordon said. “As the intellectual heart of campus, we work to provide a place where students, faculty, staff and the wider community can learn, innovate, collaborate and find that important time to reflect.”

This program is needed on campus to support students’ needs and to address hygiene equity. Jake’s is proud to partner with the Mulva Library to provide dignity for girls and women through equality and access to period products. We know that period products are essential tools to keep girls and women in school, at work and participating in society when they cannot otherwise obtain period products on their own.

If your educational community is looking for basic hygiene support, reach out to us today! We would love to partner with you!