Jake’s Partnership with AASD Elementary School truly ‘Makes Connections Count’

“Making Connections that Count.” That’s the inspiring motto that staff at Jefferson Elementary School in the Appleton Area School District focus their education programs around for its students, kindergarten to sixth grade.

Jefferson is one of the seven elementary schools in the Appleton Area School District to be a part of the Achievement Gap Reduction (AGR) Program. 

The AGR program requires a participating school to create performance objectives, including reducing the achievement gap between low−income students and students in the same grade and subject statewide.

As a way to help make connections that count, Jefferson Elementary School has partnered with Jake’s to provide their intermediate students with pads, liners and tampons to enable students to reach their true academic, emotional, physical and social potential while inspiring them to discover their inner passion to learn.

“Our intermediate female students now have a locker designated for period products that they can access at any time they need. The products in the locker came from Jake’s Network! We have already had students use the locker and they are so grateful they don’t have to worry about having the necessary products,” said Leah Zwiers, Community Schools Resource Coordinator.

We are very proud to be partnered with Jefferson Elementary School to tackle period poverty through our On The Dot Program to provide dignity for girls through equality and access to period products.

Period poverty, or the lack of access to menstrual products, education, hygiene facilities, or waste management, can keep girls and women from attending school, work and participating in society. Today, period poverty affects an estimated 500 million people worldwide each year. 

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