Katie & The Tiny Blue Diapers are in Haiti

Katie is back in Haiti, and she brought along even more Tiny Blue Diapers for the children in the Rescue Center at Real Hope for Haiti. These diapers would not have been possible without your support, we are so thankful!

One of the precious babies who you’ve helped is little Calensky. He’s about 8 months old and weighs just 11 pounds, 4 ounces. His mama died suddenly when he was a few months old. His papa has been taking care of him since then, and Calensky has one living sibling. The family lives in a two-room home made of clay, tin, and sticks. They do not have running water at their home or a flush toilet, but they do have an outhouse. They get their water from a source about a five-minute walk from home. His dad is a farmer and grows sweet potatoes, corn, beans, and bananas in his garden. Calensky was in the outpatient program and continued to lose weight. His papa brought him to each appointment and asked to have Calensky admitted for inpatient care when he saw he was getting worse. His diet has mostly been milk and crackers. They traveled about an hour by foot to arrive at the clinic, and he was admitted to be treated for malnutrition.

The Tiny Blue Diapers are a key part in Calensky’s health and recovery, as all babies deserve to be clean, dry and healthy. With the diapering needs of the Rescue Center met, Real Hope for Haiti can focus on other basic care, as there is plenty to do with 50 babies of diapering age!

Thanks for helping Calensky & babies just like him at the Rescue Center!