Mid-Year Impact Report: Busy Making a Difference in 2022

It is hard to believe that we are already in the third quarter of 2022! We have been very busy at Jake’s all year long, so we decided to take a few minutes to pause and reflect on all the work that we have already done in just the first half of the year. 

Keeping Babies Safe, Dry, and Healthy

Through our East Wisconsin Diaper Bank, National Cloth Network, and Global Cloth Network, Jake’s has distributed 277,596 diapers to partners. These diapers have supported 6,098 children and babies. 

“We couldn’t afford even the bare minimum. This free cloth diaper program allowed us to save extra money while my husband looked for a job. And we continue to use them as we potty train our son and try to expand our family. CNY Diaper Bank has helped my family a lot. Not only with cloth diapers but providing a huge comfort in the form of an understanding, caring and compassionate person who not only helped my family but also listened to me during my time of need. Thank you.”~ Tiffany L.

Creating Equal Access to Period Product 

Our On The Dot Program provides dignity for girls and women through equality and access to period products. So far in 2022, we have distributed 92,365 period products which have supported 3,883 girls and women. 

“The period supplies are appreciated by many. One mom in our program only has supplies when we are able to bring them to her. At this time, she has no daycare for her two children, so she is unable to work. The supplies are truly appreciated!” ~Kenlin Grams of Parent Connection in Oshkosh

Helping Older Adults Maintain a High Quality of Life 

One in three adults are dealing with some form of bladder control issues today, and two in three people will have incontinence during their lifetimes. There’s a social stigma around the issue, adding to the difficulty in dealing with it. In 2022, we have distributed 273,559 ACE products to partners. These products have improved the enjoyment of life for 7,518 individuals. 

“Some are veterans. They struggle to make ends meet every month. They rely on the generosity of their community members to support them at the pantry with food. They find a way to deal with adversities as they always have – stretching the dollar, penny-pinching, dealing with the here and now. Health issues get in their way. Finding money for self-care items like Poise or adult briefs is a struggle.” ~Belinda Chou, Kingdom Come Food Pantry

This is only the first half of 2022! We have so much more work to do before the year is through.  Join us by volunteering, donating, or partnering with Jake’s today!