Tiny Homes, BIG Impact: Jake’s Partners on Homelessness Project

Oshkosh recorded its highest number of homeless in February 2022, according to the Oshkosh Kids Foundation (OKF). This problem is dramatically affecting families and area youth: in the Oshkosh School System, the poverty rate among enrolled families is 43%.

To address the problem of safe, affordable housing, the OKF has teamed up with 17 local community partners to introduce the Tiny House Village – Jake’s Network of Hope is thrilled to be one of these community partners!

The Tiny House Village will provide affordable, short-term housing for families while they learn life, financial, and home management skills. This program is to provide these families with stable and safe housing and prevent homelessness. Through our partnership, Jake’s will provide essential hygiene products as well as furnish the homes for each new family. 

The Oshkosh Kids Foundation provides a simple needs assessment so that struggling children and families find the emergency help they need, and navigate the wide stream of compassion in Oshkosh. The housing program, combined with services and education, will help these families learn skills in a community environment while they learn how to thrive in a rental or purchase a home.

In 2021, the OKF housed 41 families and 92 kids with motel stays, rent assistance, or security deposits. COVID increased the homelessness problem in Oshkosh, and OKF began helping 127 families with 378 kids. That is a total of 1,111 nights provided in motels at the cost of $55,111.33. 

For those families in rentals receiving rent assistance, OKF provided 40+ mattresses, beds & bedding, food, gas cards, hygiene products, clothes, lice kits, household items, and paid for fees. But this trend is unsustainable, which is why the tiny house village is vital to the area.

Tiny Homes, Big Impact! https://givebutter.com/tinyhomes#

Jake’s is proud to be partnered with the Oshkosh Kids Foundation to provide bedding, small kitchen appliances, dishware, and other household items. These items will be furnished for each tiny home, and when a family leaves they get to keep the items to provide families with a great headstart in their next chapter. We are excited to see the positive impact of the Tiny House Village on the community!