Migrant Populations Struggle in Rural Wisconsin, Diapers Create Opportunity

If you’re lucky enough to enjoy fresh produce from local farms this season in Wisconsin, remember there’s always a story behind the hands that picked the food. 

In Wisconsin, migrant populations often travel throughout the state as the season change in order to earn a living.

“Immigrants travel with the harvest and have only the clothes on their backs and nothing else,” said Jamie Thibodeaux of Family Health La Clinica WIC program in Waushara County. “The migrants who live in the migrant camps … are scared to seek help.”

Family Health is located in Wautoma, an extremely rural area in Waushara county, and also serves neighboring counties of Green Lake and Marquette County. The organization is a supplemental nutrition program run by Registered Dietitians, and through its work with low-income families aims to increase the rate of healthy pregnant moms, postpartum moms, births, number of moms BF, children under 5 years of age and increase the number of healthy families as a whole. 

“This is a rural area, so people who live here struggle to get to the resources they need due to transportation issues,” Jamie added. 

Family Health recently joined Jake’s Diapers Diaper Drop partner list, and we’re happy to help more people in need.

“We are asked about diapers every day in our clinic,” she said. “We could never help people with this need until now. This has really changed the game for us as far as what we can assist our families with. It frees up funds within the family to afford things like copayments for medical bills, childcare assistance so they could possibly go back to work, more food options including healthier options and more money to spend towards their broken-down car or rent or utilities.”

About Our Efforts in NE Wisconsin: Jake’s Diapers recognizes many families in our region of Wisconsin struggle on a regular basis with basic needs and hygiene necessities. This is why we’ve created the Eastern Wisconsin Diaper Bank Initiative to supply diapers to local families in need.

Make your impact today! A donation of $16 solves diaper need for moms and babies like the ones in our story