We Love Our Volunteers! Meet Scott and Lanette

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes here at Jake’s Diapers? As a diaper bank, we collect, store, and distribute diapers locally, nationally, and globally. But what does this really look like? It means on any given day, there may be a team of volunteers performing a variety of tasks.

Two of these volunteers are the incredible husband-wife team of Scott & Lanette. It’s been almost a year since they first set foot in our tiny corner office to help sort and pack diapers into kits to distribute worldwide. Since they began volunteering, we’ve grown out of our first corner space to not only one, but two more office spaces in our current building.

“We went from one (upstairs office) room to the ones below,” Lanette said. “When we first started, we didn’t know what it was all about and how far-reaching it was. It’s fun to listen to whether we’re packing for Haiti or Puerto Rico or California or here in our own Wisconsin backyard.”

Scott and Lanette each volunteer two or three times a week a couple hours at a time, helping to unpack new products such as cloth diapers and wipes, sort products, create diapering kits, prep items for shipping and in general organize the growing warehouse-like atmosphere that exists behind the scenes at our office in downtown Kaukauna, WI.

In the beginning, Scott said they really helped create some efficiencies in the organization process. Now, as Jake’s has grown and had the ability to add to its team, Katie (our Program Manager & Volunteer Coordinator) has come on board as a great resource for volunteering.

“The Jake’s team does a good job at training you on it,” Scott said. “We really look forward to coming here and helping out, it’s a nice environment and Katie and Stephanie are great to work with – we’re excited every week to come here.”

More about Scott + Lanette:

  • Favorite Diaper Pattern: Farm Scenes (Lanette) + Airplanes (Scott)
  • Favorite Thing About Babies: They’re small + their laugh


What else do they do? Volunteer! Scott and Lanette are very active at various organizations, including a church food pantry, hospital greeter, mentoring programs and so forth. They also have grand plans to continue checking off travel spots on their list, including (but not limited to!) Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Perhaps they’ll even deliver diapers to one of our Diaper Drops in Africa!

Are you interested in volunteering with us? We’d love to have you!