The Diaper Distributions Have Begun!

Today is a great day! Thanks to you, 30 cloth diaper kits are now being distributed to refugee families through our partner agency the Diaper Bank of  Southern Arizona.

Leslie at the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona shares with us the following:

I am thinking about you and Jake’s Diapers just now because the first of the 30 cloth diaper starter kits are going out to their new homes tomorrow! After completing the survey phase, and the workshop phase, we are officially into the Pilot Project phase {These diaper kits are part of a study with the University of Arizona’s Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology  to ascertain the interest of families in trying cloth diapering, and to learn how to best support these families in incorporating cloth diapering into their lives}. Over the next couple of weeks, 30 very eager families will receive a kit, and 6-months of follow-up meetings, AND ( the best part!) an opportunity to experience NOT running out of diapers!

Thanks to you and your donors for your support and making this possible! ~ Leslie

Thanks for helping babies!
~ Stephanie