That’s a Wrap: Jake’s Diapers Co-hosts Virtual Cloth Diaper Event

There’s a lot that goes into covering baby bottoms around the world, and Jake’s Diapers team to-do list offers proof.

For example, not only do we pack and prepare cloth diaper kits, but we also educate about using the products to empower people in need to use the option.

We recently had an opportunity to co-host a cloth diaper session virtually with ModestlyCover Diaper Bank of Essex County in New Jersey. Each participant received a partial kit of cloth containing 12 pocket or AIO diapers.

“Her goal for this particular event was to provide families with something to use in emergencies when they couldn’t afford disposables,” Jake’s Diapers Program Manager, Katie Kilsdonk, said. “Janien of ModestlyCover noticed a lot of the families using their diaper bank were struggling to make the diapers they received stretch to meet their needs.”

Katie taught via video where Janien hosted the group.

“We serve an urban population who were never introduced to cloth diapers, and we thought it would be nice to introduce the concept as an emergency kit,” Janien said. “I absolutely loved co-hosting this event with Katie because I learned some things just in case I have a mother who chooses cloth over disposable. I also got to ask questions the attendees didn’t think of. So,
it was a win-win straight across the board.”

Janien came across Jake’s Diapers at the National Diaper Bank Network conference and found inspiration in our mission and staff.

“After reading Stephanie’s story I was motivated even more to think outside the box,” Janien said. “She’s leading some amazing women like Katie because she’s an amazing woman.

About the Hope Factory: Jake’s Diapers is blessed to continue to grow as an organization. In 2018, we outgrew our multiple office spaces in downtown Kaukauna and moved into our warehouse space in Little Chute that we lovingly call the Hope Factory. We regularly feature the work we do inside our warehouse walls to keep our nonprofit operational. We also welcome volunteers in groups large or small, as well as donations to help us continue these efforts. Interested in more info? Contact Katie at [email protected].