The List of Reasons We Love Cloth Diapers is Long

With cloth diapers at the core of our origin story, we probably don’t have to tell you that we love cloth … 

But, let us still say – We do! We love the lower environmental impact, the financial savings and the subsequent financial power someone struggling with a limited budget will experience.

Plus, there are many reasons why we love cloth that may not be so obvious. One example is that cloth diapers are a great solution for special needs children who may not potty train until later years. 

“My son is a 3 year old in 4T. He weighs 40 lbs. He has a sensory issue and is not ready to potty train, though I introduce it every so often. He is still not interested,” the mom wrote. “However, now having comfy diapers that fit has made a huge difference. He no longer freaks out when its diaper change time. He likes picking out his diapers to wear. It changed his feelings entirely. He’s a happier kid now, with less meltdowns now.”

When we send out a new cloth kit to a family in need, there are a number of steps we take to get the kit together. One important step is to prep the diapers through a washing cycle before folding and assembling kits. 

“The diapers are made with natural fibers (cotton or bamboo), and washing removes the natural oils, so the diapers become absorbent enough for use,” said Katie Kilsdonk, Jake’s program manager. “For clients who are handwashing, this is especially important because it means the diapers are ready to use right away.”

About Our National Efforts: Jake’s Diapers provides reusable options to members of the National Diaper Bank Network to supplement their work with single-use items. We also maintain partnerships with a network of organizations throughout the United States to support their efforts to help others live clean, healthy and prosperous lives. In late 2018, we also launched a direct aid diaper loan program for individual applicants in the U.S.

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