Update: Helping Poverty-Stricken Babies in the Fox Valley

Have you turned on your furnace yet? As the weather cools off in the Fox Valley, it’s on a lot of minds: how long to wait to flip the switch and heat your home.

For those struggling with poverty, heating a home during our state’s cold months adds additional financial burdens to an already difficult situation. Then, there’s those struggling with homelessness to consider.

Hypothermia can set in when temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the National Healthcare for the Homeless Coalition. And in the Fox Valley, we’ve already seen those temperatures overnight before October.

At any given time, the Fox Cities typically has between 300 to 350 people dealing with homelessness, according to a Post Crescent article, and last winter an overnight count found 27 people sleeping outside — the highest count since 2015. Shelters struggle to provide for all those in need due to capacity issues

Jake’s Diapers strives to play a part in keeping families in homes this winter. Donations of cloth diapers to our local partners will continue to alleviate financial burdens struggling families experience – helping them to maintain a home and afford other basic needs.