Welcome Little Bee Co.

Our impact is built around leveraging the community to reach the most people in need, which is why we jumped at a recent opportunity to continue the legacy of another Diaper Drop community.

Jake’s Diapers is honored to have worked with Jona Heise at The Little Bee Co since 2013, donating to the variety of the company’s Diaper Drop locations. When founder Stephanie Bowers learned she was moving on from operating her business, she couldn’t let the work of Little Bee Co — and the Diaper Drops who rely on the company – discontinue.

“The Little Bee operated for 7 years and launched on Mother’s Day,” Stephanie said. “They did wonders for seven years, and now we can continue that work.”

Jake’s Diapers has acquired The Little Bee Co’s assets. The change in hands comes with great responsibility: The Little Bee Co partnered with over ten Diaper Drops in Uganda, Guatemala and beyond to distribute diapers through its Give and Get program, where it donated a diaper for each one purchased. This acquisition means Jake’s Diapers now actively supports 43 Diaper Drop locations globally.

“While The Little Bee’s retail sales have come to an end, our mission and legacy will continue through Jake’s diapers,” explained The Little Bee’s founder, Jona Heise. “Our inventory will be acquired by Jake’s and they will continue our Diaper Drops and outreach to our loyal customers and donors. Our missions are closely aligned, so I’m delighted The Little Bee’s legacy will live on.”  

Jake’s Diapers is happy to report we’ve already followed through on that promise, with a shipment of 996 cloth diapers from our nonprofit’s inventory to HEAL Ministries, one of the Diaper Drops from The Little Bee Co.

What does this mean for you?

Jake’s asks for help from its own supporters as well as The Little Bee Co’s loyal customers in this journey.

Would you honor the 7 years of Little Bee’s good work with a $7 monthly donation? With just 250 supporters at this level, we can support The Little Bee Co’s existing Diaper Drops through the purchase of remaining store inventory.

Yes, I’ll join as a monthly supporter in honor of The Little Bee and to help Jake’s Diapers continue to do good.