puerto rico returning to school child

A New School Year

Youth in Puerto Rico kicked off a new school year this month, nearly one year after Hurricane Maria left many displaced from their homes and in devastating circumstances for months to come.

Displacement from your home creates a number of challenges. While many people recognize that replacing your safe shelter may be a top priority, Jake’s Diapers is committed to supporting basic needs often overlooked.

This list includes period products, and are certainly an important necessity for someone to attend school while menstruating.

“After Hurricane Maria hit, menstrual items were impossible to find, disposables or cloth,” said Loraine, a Puerto Rico mom who distributes many of our donations there. “Disposables prices shot up, and even though the food was sent to relieve, menstrual items were scarce or not sent.”

Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico on Sept. 20, 2017, taking at least 2,975 lives and creating ongoing devastation. For example, 1.5 million people lost power throughout Puerto Rico as a result of the storm, and electricity was just restored last month to the last affected community. That’s 328 days without power.

Recipients of cloth period products from Jake’s Diapers were positively overwhelmed with this basic need solved.

“I had an avalanche of schools asking me to give orientation and pads. Parents asked for them and yes, we also had cases where parents didn’t care and young girls were stealing or doing other things to buy their basic needs like disposables menstrual pads. Cloth helped them.

Thank you, donors, for providing this relief to young students still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

P.S. GlobalGiving is still doubling donations thanks to it’s Hurricane Maria One Year Anniversary Campaign. Every donation, no matter the size, adds up to big change.