Boxes of Hope Head Overseas

Jake’s Diapers volunteer inspired to pay it forward, sharing hope and hygiene from our own warehouse.

As a regular volunteer at Jake’s Diapers, Niki is often amazed at the amount of resources available to help people in need, with literally hundreds of thousands of products moving in and out of the warehouse each month.

“To be able to spread so many items across to being able to help so many people, if people are struggling or are in need – Jake’s is a major resource for a lot of people and organizations,” she said.

Niki’s brother-in-law is stationed overseas; her family recently sent him a care package, and many of those stationed overseas do not receive packages like he does, he told Niki. 

The family wanted to be able to help, and volunteering at Jake’s Diapers sparked an idea: she could send care packages using supplies from the warehouse.

Niki and her family raised funds to pay for shipping and a sharing fee to access supplies from our warehouse to send supplies to those stationed with her brother in law. The package included items such as: shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toothpaste, deodorant, bar soap and Bombas knee high black socks — the kind that are useful under tall boots.

“It was a very minimal sharing fee for the amount that we had gotten, probably a quarter of the price,” Niki said of the cost of supplies from Jake’s Diapers Hope Factory.

The group was able to send 8 large priority boxes filled with supplies for her brother in law to share with his unit, with special support from Kevin Schommer of Rural Mutual Insurance in Wrightstown supporting shipping costs.