Amani Baby Cottage Provides New Hope for Kids in Uganda

Nestled near the source of the River Nile in a city called Jinja, Uganda, stories of loss fill young children’s lives.

For example, John‘s mother is deceased and his father is unable to care for him. Sarah’s mother passed away after giving birth, and her father was unable to care for her. Caroline was given up at 3 months old, with her family unable to care for her.

These three children are all part of the family at Amani Bay Cottage, a home that provides care for orphaned, abandoned and needy children, from newborn to 5 years old.

“Our goal and mission is to find a permanent home for all of our children, either through reuniting with their families or adoption,” said Emily Saum of Amani. “Amani means peace in Swahili, and when people walk onto the property, we hope that they feel the peace that passes all understanding. Even in the broken and hard times in life, we hope that they can see God working and gives peace to the broken, to the orphan, to the hurting.”

The cottage is a “busy place,” Emily said, full of kids playing, babies sleeping and eating. They have staff and interns who help keep the place operating, overseeing daily activities from playtime to preschool to social work.

The Amani Baby Cottage recently joined Jake’s Diapers list of Diaper Drop partners, and we’re happy to have made a difference for the organization already.

“Having (cloth diapers from Jake’s) has helped us tremendously,” Emily said. “We are a babies home, so we can go through diapers like no tomorrow! Disposable diapers can become so expensive as we need so many. This became the most logical thing to use. And we are so blessed to have Jake’s Diapers as a partner!”

About Our Diaper Drop Partners

Amani Baby Cottage is just one of our many Diaper Drop partners Jake’s Diapers features regularly to shed light on the stories of the people we serve in order to increase awareness about the impact a donation of hygiene products can have on a single individual.

Make your impact today! A donation of $16 solves diaper need for moms and babies like the ones in our story.