Partnerships Boost Rural Resources for Families in Poverty in Green Lake County

Jake’s partners with community nonprofits to distribute hygiene products, including diapers, to people in need. This is a rural area pilot project in Green Lake County.

People living in poverty in rural areas typically face unique challenges due to a lack of resources and inability to reach existing resources. Recognizing the scarcity of options for families in need, Jake’s Network of Hope partnered with Green Lake County Health and Human Services and Children’s Wisconsin Start Right program to provide parents in poverty with much needed diapers for their littles.

We launched our project to serve Green Lake County in early 2021, and started delivering diapers in February. Currently our partnership is serving 33 families. 

Here’s a bit more about the impact this has made, from both our partners: 

Green Lake County Health and Human Services: 

Our partnership helped a young mom keep her second child after the of her child was using drugs and went to jail. The mom, now a single mother, is also struggling with mental health issues. Her first child (of a different father) is now living with the father’s family. 

She enjoys working with her case worker to manage her mental health issues and is now trying to do well for her baby boy. She has no income and lives in low income housing. Her caseworker is helping her apply for disability because of her mental health issues. She’s almost done with the caseworker, but they are hoping to transition her into a new program to continue getting help. 

Start Right program

A family that just registered to the program, only Spanish-speaking and the mother is an 18-year-old with a 5-month-old baby. She is going to be starting to work but she wasn’t working because of the baby, so they really needed diapers and wipers. Diapers are so expensive and babies run out of diapers really fast. She lives with her boyfriend, a stepdad, both as first-time parents. 

This is a pilot project made possible by funding from the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation. Their generous gift does not cover all expenses related to this work. Consider as part of our Circle of Change to make a lasting difference, and give diapers to families in need.