Thanks for Helping Stanley!

It’s an amazing thing you’ve done! Thanks to your generous support, our Diaper Drop, Real Hope for Haiti now has blankets and cloth diapers to help care for the children in their care, like Stanley. When Stanley arrived at the Rescue Center, he weighted just twelve pounds. Being so skinny, with little to no body fat, his body struggled to maintain it’s temperature. The blankets you provided helped to preserve his precious body heat and help with his recovery.

Real Hope for Haiti shared the following about Stanley:

“Stanley was brought to us from another organization that is treating malnutrition with outpatient services. His brother was also admitted but died a few days later. His mama moved to the Dominican Republic last year. She left the 8 children with the papa who is an alcoholic. He has not been taking care of the children and a neighbor called the staff at the center to come to see if they could help the children. They found them alone and starving. We don’t have much more info on him. He was started on the F-75 therapeutic milk and then graduated to the medika mamba program.”

Thanks for helping Stanley and other littles just like him!