Better Outcomes for New Moms in Ethiopia, in Part Thanks to Diapers

In Ethiopia, a child is born – but a mother does not survive. Complications during labor met with a lack of access to medical equipment and expertise lead to this tragic start.

At Hawassa Hope, orphanage staff has nurtured and raised children because of this circumstance. But, the nonprofit also has a program aimed at preventing this: Elsabet Initiative.

The Elsabet initiative, “seeks to educate and provide support for expectant mothers in order to increase their hope of a healthy pregnancy and child,” according to the Hawassa Hope website. The program partners with the local medical community and government in selecting vulnerable women and providing education and support such as monthly food support, hygiene supplies, medication provision, transportation to health centers, midwife/nurse check-ups and post-delivery support.

“We are very excited about this initiative, as the children’s home has had to take sweet babies in due to the death of mothers after delivery,” the website says. “This program will not only support mothers and infants but prevent the fathers from having to make the difficult decision to relinquish the care of their children to Ajuuja (the orphanage program). Our goal in this program is to prevent such kinds of tragedies and difficult decisions.”

Hawassa Hope is a Diaper Drop partner with Jake’s Diapers, and our donations have directly supported this program.

“You have provided diapers and covers for our children’s home and for our pregnant moms in the Elsabet Initiative,” Charisa Knight of Hawassa Hope said. “This gives moms in the Elsabet Initiative dignity and hope for their children to have what is needed – basic needs.” 

About Our Diaper Drop Partners

Hawassa Hope is just one of our many Diaper Drop partners Jake’s Diapers features regularly to shed light on the stories of the people we serve in order to increase awareness about the impact a donation of hygiene products can have on a single individual.

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