Cloth Kits Help Families Displaced by Australia Fire

Jake’s Diapers partnership supports families impacted by Australia fire crisis.

An average American middle class family seems like a group of people who would generally experience a quality life in our developed, modern country. 

Yet, news reports continue to show time and again that many people in this bracket struggle to get by. 

For example, the median salary of a male worker in the United States is no longer enough to cover the cost of living for a family of four, according to Business Insider. Comparatively, in 1985 the typical male worker needed 30 weeks’ pay to cover those average costs.

The scene is similar in Australia, where news articles report discouraging increases in poverty, while incomes stagnate and living costs soar.

“Generally most of our receivers are normal everyday families just struggling to make ends meet,” said Samantha of Cloth Nappies for Charity, one of Jake’s Diapers Diaper Drop partners in Australia. “(Many people we help struggle with) poverty due to unemployment, drought or other natural disasters such as the recent bushfire events. These people struggle to live with very little money so therefore don’t need the added expense of nappies.”

The recent fires devastated the country, and in the worst hit areas estimates report more than 2,000 homes destroyed. Cloth Nappies for Charity leveraged the increased supply from Jakes Diapers to be able to support those with ongoing need as well as the increased need from situational poverty caused by fires.

“Recently, we provided nappies to a disaster relief group to provide families affected by the horrific bushfires,” Samantha said. “Many towns were devastated and many lost their homes as well as family members so are left to rebuild their lives. The products donated by Jake’s have allowed us to up packages to be distributed to families in and around bushfire zones that have been affected. These packages are being delivered through a local disaster relief fund and has put less of a strain on our local resources that at times can be stretched rather thinly.”

About Our Disaster Relief Efforts: Jake’s Diapers recognizes that every person is one disaster away from living in a situation that restricts access to basic necessities. We respond when disaster strikes, understanding the need to be clean and healthy after displacement or destruction. Supporting people impacted in this way restores hope and dignity while creating opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life as they rebuild and recover.

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