Diapers Support Mom’s Need for Self Care

“When roots are deep, there is no need to fear the wind.” refugee and recipient diapers from Jake’s programs

Moving to a new home is exhausting and overwhelming. In many circumstances, relocation is forced and unexpected – adding to the challenges. 

Recently, Jake’s has been able to help a refugee to the area through its Eastern Wisconsin Diaper Bank and in partnership with Parent Connection of Family Services NEW.

Kenlin Grams shared this story: 

This parent is a refugee and often struggles to communicate her needs and advocate for herself. Recently, she has begun making her own phone calls, responding to letter, and asking for help when she needs it. She was able to pay off bills with the help of a financial agent, because she never gives up.

During the last month, this parent has received 3 packages of diapers because she cannot afford both diapers for home, as well as diapers for daycare. Without the help from Jake’s Diapers, she would struggle immensely keeping up with her child’s diaper needs.

This parent is so exuberant and full of life! She will be the first person to give a hug and the last person, too; she always wants to make sure people know how loved they are.

This parent always carves out time for self-care. When she is having a rough day, she paints her nails and makes herself a family recipe for comfort. She always expresses gratitude in times of hardship and often says, “when roots are deep, there is no need to fear the wind.”

January through October this year, we’ve supplied 302,694 disposable diapers to 6,741 babies in need.

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