Giving Tuesday India & Daan Utsav

As the seasons shift and we start to bundle our little ones in jackets, switch from sandals to cozy socks and shoes – we also know the holiday season isn’t too far around the corner.

The holidays, among many things, are a time for generosity to expand and multiply – from giving gifts to loved ones to the abundance of charitable or volunteer opportunities.

(Can anyone else hear those Salvation Army bells ringing?)

In India, this kicks off even earlier with a full week-long festival of giving called #DaanUtsav, which lasts from Oct. 2 to 8. This year celebrates the 10th year of the festival.

The first day of the event, Oct. 2, falls on a Tuesday and is thus known as #GivingTuesdayIndia.

With Diaper Drop partners in India in need, we feel it’s important to recognize this holiday around the world and support those struggling in India with a little extra generosity.

Partners like those at Sarah’s Covenant Homes, a place that describes itself as “a collection of family-style homes in India that cares for children and young adults with medical needs or disabilities.”

From SCH come stories of girls like Selah, an abandoned little girl with special needs rescued by SCH at the age of 3 — bald, unable to walk and covered in sores. SCH shares stories on social media about many of the children it serves, including Tessa and Jackalynn admitted to the PICU in September and Paxton sent to the ER with respiratory distress.

SCH relies on donations from Jake’s Diapers to care for its children and broaden its impact.

“Before our partnership with Jake’s Diapers, the cost of diapering kids was one of our biggest monthly expenses,” said Nikki Cochrane of  Sarah’s Covenant Homes-India. “Other orphanages here simply put the kids in a rag and clean them and the floor when needed, but we want to provide our kids with the best and so it has always been necessary to buy the diapers.”

On this #GivingTuesdayIndia, please consider a donation to Jake’s Diapers to help fuel items gifted to places like Sarah’s Covenant Homes, where many children wait in need. Your gift directly impacts 163 special needs children in India.