Going Up a Size: Hope Factory Makes More Room for Impact

Most people have moved a time or time in their lives, and you probably remember the sea of boxes you sorted while rediscovering how to organize your new space.

Jake’s Diapers is excited to be settled into our new location in Little Chute, a home we refer to now as the Hope Factory.

“We’re getting a lot more organized, we have gotten a lot of really big shipments lately – lots of sorting we’re doing,” said Katie Kilsdonk, Program Manager at Jake’s Diapers.

The move from the previous Kaukauna office to this larger warehouse in Little Chute means more room for thousands more diapers so far in 2019. But the extra space brings another bonus: Jake’s Diapers is now able to accomodate groups of volunteers interested in giving back.

“The greatest thing is that we can host groups, we’ve had to turn them down in the past,” Katie said. “We’ve had a lot of group interest, so we have a couple more groups coming this month yet.”

Already this year, the Give Back Bus stopped by with about 40 volunteers (read more about their experience here).

While we’re settling in, we still have some needs specific to our larger space — and we’d love your help to check some items off the list.Check out our Warehouse Wish List on Amazon.

Thanks for your consideration! As always, reach out to me any time. [email protected]