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HEAL Ministries Needs You This Orphan Sunday

Abandonment impacts people across the world, young and old.

In Uganda, HEAL Ministries is an organization that knows this all too well. The group builds relationships and implements Christ-centered programs addressing the spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing of abandoned women and children.

HEAL is full of stories of hardship, and inspiration. Take Harriet, for example.

“Harriet came to us abandoned, scared with twins, and pregnant,” said Betty Ross of HEAL Ministries. “Her twin daughters (Babirye and Nakato) were the first two children in our childcare program. Harriet was hired in the cleaning department and quickly became one of the hardest workers.”

HEAL offers a childcare program that allows mothers to maintain full-time jobs while their children are in full-time care.

“We charge very little so that a single, abandoned, or widow mom can afford to put her child in our programs,” Betty said.

HEAL Ministries efforts to support families struggling this way is an important step in preventing orphaning, and topic important to discuss with Orphan Sunday around the corner.

Orphan Sunday is recognized on the second Sunday each November to shed light on ways we can create solutions for the orphaned children around the world. The day also falls within National Adoption Month here in the United States.

We desire for vulnerable families to become holistically transformed and empowered to stay together and live sustainably within their communities,” Betty said. “We often have people refer women to us who are in need. Our social workers do an amazing job of assessing situations and figuring out how best we can help. Our educational and artisan programs for women equip these abandoned and widowed moms to learn a trade so they can become sustainable.”

HEAL Ministries previously received donated cloth diapers from the Little Bee Co, and is now under Jake’s Diapers’ wing as a Diaper Drop partner after we acquired the company’s mission. The diapers are essential in supporting these families and keeping them together.

“Disposable diapers are expensive in Uganda and we do not have the funding to purchase them,” Betty said. “The diapers you provide are amazing and help us save so much money; money that is going instead to empower the women and children we are serving to thrive.”

Please consider a donation this Orphan Sunday to support an abandoned child in need. Just $18 can supply the diaper need for one child for a month. DONATE NOW.