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Introducing Daylan

Hello Friend!

It is a joy to introduce you to Daylan, one of the children who call our Diaper Drop Sarah’s Covenant Homes home. Daylan just celebrated his 13th birthday!

Sarah’s Covenant Homes shares this about Daylan:  “Daylan has a way about him that easily captivates every person he comes into contact with. Everyday for Daylan is marked with enthusiiasm for the big and small happenings, a contagious enthusiasm that is often marked with loud, joyful sounds. Although Daylan doesn’t say many words, his communication is so loud and clear! He is a boy that knows what he wants! He has so much perseverance in learning new skills and working towards being independent in so many areas. This boy is joy and love and kindness and spunk and all that is wonderful and good.”

Thank you for the joy you bring to Daylan, and the other children we are blessed to serve at Sarah’s Covenant Homes! 

~ Stephanie

About Our Global Efforts: Through a trusted network of community-based partners Jake’s Diapers provides predominantly reusable options to solving hygiene needs worldwide. We have a growing list of Diaper Drops all around the world, including India, Uganda, Puerto Rico and beyond. 

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